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          2. 保洁船


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            Surface ship

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            Surface ship

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            1, this ship is water transport ship, when the ship will harvest weed plants to salvage the ship unloading conveying compartment, can start the motor transport tank, which automatically adjusts the load transmission module, loading the module to the storage tank by the delivery of mobile, unloaded by the storage module to the conveying for moving conveyor.

            2, the ship cabin type driving shaft, a high precision lubrication sealing device, can prevent the operation in the process of oil leakage, DEUTZ 226B type ship engine with high performance in the engine cabin.

            3. It is suitable for working in rivers and lakes. It can complete navigation, collect, filter water, unload and so on, with only one person operating in the driver's cab. The work efficiency is high, it is equivalent to the artificial salvage several dozens times.

            4, low noise, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, the work process will not produce any oil spill.


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