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          2. 保洁船


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            Zhangjiagang Lihe Marine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

             Contact person: Mr. Lu


             Mobile phone:13906248260

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            Salvage ship

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            Salvage ship

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            A salvage ship is a ship for engineering operations, used for underwater salvage operations and for salvaging underwater shipwrecks, sunken objects and floating objects on the surface of the water.

            1, salvage ship is shallow, accurate positioning. There are as many sides as possible, with a wide deck, with derricks, winches, and large lifting equipment.

            2. It is suitable for working in rivers and lakes. Its operation is convenient, the field of vision is wide, and its capacity is large.

            3, high speed, good seakeeping, can quickly to the fishing waters, fishing as soon as possible.

            4, low noise, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection, water pollution control at the same time will not increase other pollution, the work process will not produce any oil spill.