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            The cleaning boat is suitable for working in the urban area and the landscape river

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            The cleaning boat is suitable for working in the urban area and the landscape river

            Date:2017-06-06 Author:http://www.cwheeler76.com/en Click:

            Application of cleaning boat is very extensive, mainly used for surface cleaning cleaning work, to collect garbage type is also very extensive, such as cleaning the boat can sweep garbage floating branches, plastic bottles and large volume, long form, such as cleaning and Azolla and leaves smaller, a piece of floating garbage the process of cleaning boat; the use of automation control, the working efficiency is equivalent to several times of artificial garbage barge.


            Cleaning boat suitable for work in the city and the landscape river, is mainly used in river floating garbage cleaning ship salvage, convenient operation, simple maintenance, cleaning ship using self-propelled salvage of floating garbage collection. The working principle of the utility model is that the surface garbage can be automatically pushed into the storage chamber by the action of the water stream in the process of the ship moving, and the continuous operation can be stabilized. Besides, an arc cover plate is arranged on the cleaning cabin, and the garbage can not be seen outside during the garbage salvage process, and the utility model can not affect the appearance of the garbage during the process of salvaging the garbage.