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            The powerful function of multifunctional garbage salvage ship

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            The powerful function of multifunctional garbage salvage ship

            Date:2017-06-06 Author:http://www.cwheeler76.com/en Click:

            1, multifunctional garbage salvage ship to aquatic plants and water with efficient collection of lake, river, artificial lake and other waters of floating garbage, all operating system to implement the automation of all, only one person operation, can complete all processes easily.

            2, multifunctional garbage salvage ship loading, and in the waters to pirouette, greatly reducing the distance of bow, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and to install night lighting system, can meet the urgent task of cleaning the waters.

            3, multi-function garbage salvage ship equipment, simple operation, practical, wide range of application, convenient and quick, is one of the first choice for the cleaning of water garbage.


            Zhangjiagang Li Chau shipbuilding Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has three industry-leading professional team. One is the elite technology development and product design team, including ship design, ship manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, first-class talent five aspects of automatic control and automatic water cleaning ship industry; two is the technician type staff