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            Introduce the safety management system of cleaning boat

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            Introduce the safety management system of cleaning boat

            Date:2017-06-05 Author:http://www.cwheeler76.com/en Click:

            Introduction to the safety management system of cleaning boats

            Cleaning boat, as the name suggests, is to use the ship channel cleaning and management work, the use of it, provides great guarantee for the quality of our health, for the convenience of operation personnel for cleaning ship safety and management safety management system, here we explain the cleaning boat for the introduction of specific summary:


            1. The daily management of the cleaning boat is responsible for the management section of Xinmin dam, including the specific management of ship operation management and daily maintenance, equipment security check and maintenance.

            2, cleaning boat operators during duty, not allowed to drink, not allowed to wear slippers aboard, not allowed to chase and row in the boat. Operators must wear life jackets.

            3, before sailing, the operator shall carry out safety inspection and record the inspection of the cleaning ship. During the voyage, the operator shall strictly observe the operating procedures, ensure the safe navigation of the ship, make a good record of the voyage, prevent the occurrence of the safety accident, and ensure the safety of the personnel and the ship.

            4, according to the standard management section of Xinmin dam making cleaning ship rescue emergency plan, we can hold a boat drill.