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            Maintenance of surface cleaning ship

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            Maintenance of surface cleaning ship

            Date:2017-03-28 Author:http://lzboat.com Click:


            1 routine maintenance: work surface cleaning boat on a river, because the river affected by environmental pollution, corrosion on the surface cleaning ship and local collision prone, causing some paint shedding, solid should be removed off parts of the rust, rust up paint, while the rotation should be part of a lot of lubricating oil or grease.

            2 regular maintenance: water cleaning ship after six months of work should conduct a comprehensive inspection on the corroded and peeling paint, rust paint processing, to replace the damaged parts of the rotating parts, and add the lubricating oil or grease, or other parts of the comprehensive inspection, found problems in a timely manner.

            3. annual maintenance

            A year after the water cleaning work on the surface cleaning ship, ship to conduct a comprehensive inspection, repair hull, deck of rust, full paint.

            4. Check the corrosion resistant zinc block and replace it with corrosion.

            5. Check the working conditions of diesel engine and repair or update when necessary.

            6, surface cleaning, after the captain's stop, should be ashore maintenance, storage, to be used next year

            The above is the maintenance of surface cleaning ship.